Annual Boat Parade

SBPOA BOAT PARADE - July 4th is very special in South Bethany. The highlight of our celebration is our famous Fourth of July Boat Parade.  This year (2023) it is scheduled for Sunday, July 2 with July 3 as a rain date.  


To register for the boat parade, email with the following information: your name, SB address, length and type of boat. 

1) New this year - You will be responsible for making your own boat number. Make sure the number is at least 6”x6” and there is a number on each side of your boat. It must clearly be seen from shore. You will be assigned your number when you register. Extra points for creativity!
2) Use the time before we take off to find the boat you will follow. It will be one number lower than yours.
3) We will first proceed down Jefferson Creek canal. (It’s the one parallel to Canal Road.)
4) A kayaker at the entrance to the canal will be in charge of ordering and spacing the boats. He will tell you when to proceed.
5) After that, follow the leader until we return to Jefferson Creek.
6) Keep a safe distance from the boat in front of you.
7) We will have judges awarding boats for: Most Patriotic, Most Original, Most Enthusiastic Crew, Funniest Boat, and Best in Show.
8) You will be notified by email if you have won an award. We will be giving out awards at the Town Hall at 7:30 pm.

Public viewing at ends of Canals.
Path:  Jefferson Creek Canal, Anchorage Canal, Rebecca Canal, York Canal