Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Program

Here is what your Neighborhood Watch Walker does for you:
  • Distributes Watch-Warning Sign to participating  home owners as close to Labor Day weekend as possible.
  • Informs homeowners to place the sign in a front window of their home, or if the owner is not home, leaves the sign as securely as possible at the home (where it can be found). Walkers will not leave the sign in a mail box.
  • Periodically (about once a week) walks assignment, checking each house per the home owner's instructions.
  • The period of coverage is October 1 through April 30.
  • After extreme cold spells the walker will be on the "lookout" for burst pipes.
  • Communicates information that may have to be distributed to residents (such as hurricane warnings).

If the walker finds anything wrong, such as:
  • Broken water pipes, water is coming out of the house or ground. If there is a water meter, the walker will call Artesian Water at 1-800-332-5114. If there is no water meter the walker will call the Town Hall at 539-3653 or the town police at 539-3996.
  • Damage due to weather, the walker will call the Town Hall at 539-3653 or the town police at 539-3996.
  • A possible break-in or any suspicious findings, e.g., open door, broken window, etc., the walker does not enter the house, but calls South Bethany Police at 539-3996 or Police Emergency at 911

To be included in the Neighborhood Watch for October 2017 – April 2018, join the South Bethany Property Owner’s Association.


Association objectives

  • Provide service to the community
  • Promote community cooperation, pride and participation.
  • Help the town maintain high standards
  • E-mail Updates
  • Informative Website

Two Volunteer Appreciation luncheons are sponsored by the SBPOA each year - one in December and another in early May (after the Neighborhood Watch coverage period ends).